Edward Shturman

💻 Computer Science Major @ University of San Francisco // Design Thinker

"I don't care what is — what should be?"

- Julia Haart


As a graduating high school student from the Ultimate Incubator, a High School Fellow at Stanford University, and a Computer Science Major at USF, I enjoy employing design thinking when solving problems. This philosophy has helped in many of my projects in education, including fundraising $35K to build a school in Nepal, researching social robotics in AI with the Stanford Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Education (AIRE) Lab, and more.

As I grow in my college career, I'm excited to learn more about problems I come across for me, my friends, my school, and my community, and what I want to do to solve them.


From my open-source work, check out Register: a high-quality Discord bot for event planning. Or, another Discord bot, Rollup, for keeping clean channels using threading.

Some cool, yet-to-be-announced projects I'm working on include a game-changing security feature for Discord, and an educational/corporate accountability tool, allowing admins to better communicate with their students + staff on policy changes. Taking feedback empowers these groups in their self-advocacy, an important skill in the 21st century.

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"No one ever changed the world by doing what it told them to do."

- Eddy Zhong

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